Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse educational videos for children and adults.


Catholic Priests and Sexual Abuse
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Recent studies revealed that over the last 50 years, approximately four percent of Catholic priests were responsible for molesting some 10,000 victims-the majority of whom were young people. After reporting on these studies' findings, this ABC News program scrutinizes a diocese in California to examine what exactly has happened there. Although sexual misconduct involving priests has been public knowledge for some time now, this research data exposes for the first time the appalling scope of it. (23 minutes)

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Childhood Sexual Abuse
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Childhood sexual abuse affects all social and economic groups. Psychiatrists, social workers, and law enforcement officials explain how the pattern of abuse is frequently spread throughout the family; why children can be manipulated into silent acceptance of abuse; the signs of sexual abuse and how and to whom they should be reported; the reliability of children as witnesses; teaching prevention skills to children; and under what circumstances treatment of sex abusers can be effective. From The Doctor Is In. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

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Hope Beyond the Breaking Point: No Child Ever Deserves to Be Abused
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Inspired by simulated baby" counseling programs for teenage students, this video uses a classroom setting and dramatizations to teach personal responsibility and self-awareness in parenting and childcare. It helps young people recognize various forms of abusive behavior, including physical injury, sexual abuse, emotional humiliation, neglect of parental duties, and imminent risk, or knowingly placing a child in danger. With an instructor's guide full of useful tools-lesson plans, Q & A cards, abuse reporting guidelines, a template for informational letters to parents, and more-Hope Beyond is an indispensable resource for educators, counselors, health care personnel, and other professionals concerned with increasing awareness of child abuse issues. The viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (19 minutes)"

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If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition
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Families destroy themselves, so families have to heal themselves." If I Could is the heart-wrenching chronicle of Tracy Marasco, a single mother struggling to help her adolescent son James cope with severe emotional trauma resulting from abandonment by his father and sexual abuse by his father's cousin. To complicate the situation, Tracy herself was victimized as a child, sexually abused by her father and forced, for a time, into prostitution. Rage and despair permeate this disturbing program, but so do hope and determination-represented, in part, by VisionQuest, a provider of innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. Tracy benefited from it as a teen; can it turn James around, too? Will the Marascos' multigenerational cycle of abuse be broken? Sally Field narrates. Contains mature content; viewer discretion is advised. Comes with 90 minutes of bonus material (DVD only)-comments by NPR's Fred Goodwin, post-viewing reactions of numerous medical professionals, an interview with director Patti Obrow White, and more. (99 minutes + 90 minutes of bonus material)"

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If It Happens to You
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This program talks to upper elementary-aged children about a difficult subject— abuse. Sensitive, age-appropriate scenarios explore three types of abuse — physical, verbal and sexual as seen though the eyes of children. Viewers learn that victims of abuse are NOT responsible for causing it. They MUST tell an adult they trust what is happening — and continue telling until someone takes action to stop it. Whether it’s a father who gets angry and physically hurts a child, a grown-up who uses words to continually make a youngster feel worthless, or a person who touches the private parts of a child’s body, this program will encourage and empower youngsters who are the victims of abuse to speak up and get help!. After viewing this program students will be able to identify the three types of abuse, understand that they are NOT guilty of causing or perpetuating the abuse, learn the difference between bad and good touches and bad and good secrets, and recognize that they MUST keep speaking up until someone helps them. Includes 12 reproducible student worksheets on CD.

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My Body Belongs to Me
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Grade Level: K-2. Designed to help young children protect themselves from the trauma of sexual abuse by making it clear that their body belongs to them. Using age-appropriate dialogue between a guidance counselor and two appealing puppets, and between the puppets and members of the live student audience, sensitively reinforces the idea that every child's body is private and that no one is allowed to touch it.

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Recovery from Sexual Abuse
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This drama is about five teenagers who are working to recover from the effects of sexual abuse in the context of a teen group. The program is designed to acknowledge and validate the feelings and experiences of teens and adults who have been sexually abused, and to encourage recovery within a context of healing and hope. Each of the teens talks about his or her feelings of fear, sadness, anger, depression, guilt, and confusion and the ways in which they have coped with these feelings. The six segments of the program show us six movements" in the process of healing, as the teens give each other support over a period of six months. At the last meeting, the program observes that each teen is beginning to move towards a safe and healthy life. User's guide also available (see item #500). (48 minutes)"

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Sexual Abuse: It's Not Your Fault
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Elementary aged students present real-life scenarios of sexual abuse and the resulting emotional impact. Follow the children from the beginning to end to identify what sexual abuse is, how to handle this serious issue and establish available age-appropriate solutions.

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Sins of the Fathers: Sexual Misconduct in the Catholic Church
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When revelations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests first made the headlines, top Church officials described the incidents as isolated-but a steady stream of alleged victims and incriminating church documents point to a deeper, more systemic problem. This two-part ABC News series investigates sexual misconduct in the priesthood and what is being done about it. 2-part series, 23 minutes each.

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When Should You Tell? Dealing With Abuse
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Getting young victims of sexual abuse to tell someone can be a key step in preventing further abuse. Using one child's experience to demonstrate that no girl or boy ever needs to keep scary secrets, program helps abused children recognize that what they are experiencing is not the norm, and that they can be helped by telling an adult they can trust.

When her older cousin Tommy starts touching her in inappropriate places whenever she's alone with him, Karen is scared and confused and thinks maybe she's to blame. Warned not to tell what's happening, Karen feels sick and is unable to concentrate in school. Why can't her mother just figure out the secret, she wonders, and make Tommy stop?

After Mrs. Valdez, a health clinician, talks to Karen's class about other kids who had the same scary things happen to them, Karen decides to trust Mrs. Valdez with her secret. Praising Karen's courage, Mrs. Valdez helps Karen talk to her parents, and assures them that Tommy will get help. In a group counseling session, Karen discovers that she's not the only child with a secret, and feels better.

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