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Alcohol and Drug-Free Teens
SKU: 1003842
In this program real teenagers describe the world of alcohol and drugs that surrounds them and the hard choices they have to make. Viewers hear from teens that have actually experienced the physical, emotional, social, and academic consequences of abusing alcohol and drugs. Many have opted to choose a drug-free life, and their “success” stories clearly demonstrate the benefits of that choice. Teens focus on the “anti-drugs” in their lives: sports, music, family, achieving academic excellence, and setting goals for the future. After viewing this program students will acknowledge that a drug-free lifestyle is a positive choice, realize that drug-use interferes with achieving goals, identify ways to resist the peer and internal pressure to try drugs, and understand that being drug-free promotes better relationships. Expert commentary throughout supports and expands information.

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Evolution: The Evidence for Modern Ideas on Evolution
SKU: 907
These programs form a well-organized minicourse in evolution. They can also be used individually. The programs serve to supplement textbooks and lectures and are ideal for reconstituting biology textbooks expurgated on the entire subject of evolution. 11-part series, 20 minutes each.

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Homo Sapiens: A Look into a Distant Mirror
SKU: 11404
Where did Homo sapiens come from? How did they interpret their world? And what did they think and feel? This program seeks to profile modern humankind's distant forerunners through the research of ethnologists Bernard Saladin D'Anglure and Valentina Gorbatcheva, archaeologist Sergei Vassiliev, historian Jean Clottes, linguist Merritt Ruhlen, anthropologist Bernard Vandermeersch, geneticist Michael Hammer, and ethnoarchaeologist Polly Wiessner. Prehistoric caves in southern France; the oldest-known human tombs, in Israel; fossil words"; the genealogy of the Y-chromosome; and other topics serve as portals to the past. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (53 minutes)"

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Journeys into Islamic Southeast Asia
SKU: 36128
This program follows in the footsteps of the traders who introduced Islam into Southeast Asia. From the Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese mainland to the islands of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the program acquaints viewers with Islamic culture, representative architecture, historical monuments, and the Muslim way of life in the region. (47 minutes)

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Made in Taiwan: Genes, Culture, and the Peopling of the South Pacific
SKU: 40078
DNA testing has become a standard tool in genealogical research, but it takes more than saliva swabs and lab reports to truly understand one's ancestry. In this program, two young New Zealanders of Polynesian descent undergo DNA sampling, wrestle with the surprising results, and then embark on a journey of discovery, searching for their roots across the Pacific and into Asia. Their voyage-by land, sea, and air-traces in reverse the steps their ancestors would have taken thousands of years ago, passing through the Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, and ending eventually in Taiwan. For studying the overlap between genomic research and the cultural aspects of human migration, this is a moving and highly relevant odyssey. (46 minutes)

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No Bone Unturned: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology
SKU: 32975
This ABC News program spotlights the work of Doug Owsley, curator at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, who is a keen interpreter of the silent yet expressive language of bones. Owsley and his biographer, Jeff Benedict, give examples of how he has used bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology to unravel mysteries ranging from identifying an exhumed Civil War cavalryman to determining the true cause of death of Branch Davidian leader David Koresh. Owsley's career-risking suit against the government for the right to study the Kennewick skeleton is also discussed. (14 minutes)

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