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Girl Bullying Prevention: Rumor Spreading, Verbal Abuse and Isolation Last Updated: Saturday, January 01 2011
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bullying preverntion Recently, it has become apparent that girls bully just as much as boys. It just happens in a less physical, subtler way. Although it lacks the physical violence of their male counterparts, it is just as dangerous psychologically to their victims. Social groups are extremely important to girls and the power and popularity in these groups are highly sought after. Bully girls use rumor spreading, gossiping and isolation to consolidate their power and hurt their rivals. In addition, bullies use these tactics to go after less popular girls for fun and to increase their popularity with these social groups.

Rumor spreading is one of the most popular bully girl tactics. Rumor spreading can be a powerful weapon to hurt the girl that they have targeted. If they see a potential rival such as another popular girl or a new girl to the school, a rumor can be used to drop the rival down a peg. Girls will spread these rumors via the Internet anonymously at times, but for the most part girl bullies like the audience to be part of their bullying. The popularity and power they crave is increased with other girls witnessing the behavior.

Verbal abuse is the next method. Because these girls crave attention, power and popularity verbally abusing their victims in public is a powerful weapon in their arsenal. Showing off for their social group by harassing another girl for her looks, social status, race, religion or attractiveness is a powerful tactic that leaves the victim feeling helpless and depressed. Many times their self-esteem is permanently damaged. This group behavior makes it difficult for a victim to fight back. In most cases, the victim is less popular and not part of another powerful social group.

Isolation is another powerful girl bullying tactic. Social groups are vitally important to young girls. Being isolated from social groups can be traumatic and bully girls understand this. By simply demanding that another girl be excluded from a social group can be a hurtful and damaging psychological maneuver that does not even involve verbal harassment or rumor spreading. The 'cold shoulder" technique bullies without a word.

The damage psychologically that is wrought by bully girls is staggering. Victims find themselves depressed, losing interest in activities and school, and sometimes suicidal. It's difficult to spot bully girls because to adults they can be seen as high-achieving, polite, involved girls who on the outside look like perfect girls. The behaviors are subtle and adults who are involved with young girls need to be on the lookout for these bully tactics.

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